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Hi Folks,


Starting in a new school in Reception in September. Have been shown their planning.

Letters and Sounds plan includes sections called 'Revisit and review,teach, practice, apply'.

The maths plan has sections called ' Rehearse, recall, revise'


Does anyone know where these headings come from? Is it another document that has appeared over the last few years that I have missed whilst working in pre-school?


So much to learn.....



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The letters and sounds headings are mentioned in the document (I think) but I think it sounds like LCP phonics planning. If you google LCP phonic planning you should find the planning grids, you can download weekly planning for each week in each phase if you hunt around-try tes website. As for the maths headings they don't ring bells for me but could just be house style our headings for maths are learning objective, success criteria, oral/mental starter, introduction, key questions, group activities, plenary


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Have found 'Numbers and Pattern' in the great archive in the sky. Something else good that has been shelved.

The maths terminology doesn't seem to come from there- 'rehearse, recall, revise'

Any other ideas?


My biggest fear is going back into school after 7 years out and being 'old-fashioned' and out of date!


And let's not even start on the things I don't know about a Smartboard.....

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I don't think schools move on that fast though - the national strategies have been gone for over 2 years now but I still find places trying to do literacy hours/maths hours with reception classes despite a national EYFS framework since 2008!

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