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Changing Initial Assessments

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Hi all


We currently have an initial assessment that we do when children join us. It covers something in almost every area of development although I notice not K & U. With the new EYFS and the new focus on three prime areas was looking at whether to stick or change to something focusing on these three areas and the three learning principles.


Just really throwing it out wondering if anyone else does anything like this assessment now and whether you are changing?

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What age group are your youngest children Johanna? You might be interested in this discussion (from post 4 onwards) which seems very relevant to your question.


thanks Steve makes very interesting reading. The age group we have at present is rising 3's until transition into school so pre-school age. I was thinking changing to just the prime areas as some children who come to us may not have had the 2 year check yet so that is something we would have to provide and this would then be just one assessment rather than having to do two.

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