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Queen's Knickers Story Sack...?


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Help! :blink:


Hi all, I'm hoping for your fantastic ideas & advice once again....


On Friday we are having a street party with parents and children, we are also holding a story sack work shop to make resources for the story "The Queen's Knickers" :D We have a few ideas, but I was hoping that you fabulous people could contribute a few more...


So far we are going to decorate a pair of real knickers each, make a crown, and a puppet of the queen (using wooden spoons!) But struggling to think of anything else... We've had workshops in the past, but these have been run by our local children's center...


Thanks for any ideas...


Debs x



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I havent actually read the story, but for our jubilee celebrations were making jewellery bracelets & necklesses. Also having horse races with hobby horses.


Hope these help



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What about the children writing letters talking about their Jubilee celebrations? A girl writes a letter to the queen in the story.


Have fun, I read the story to my nursery class today, they really enjoyed it!



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making union jacks? ...just wondering if you could do something clever with this like putting the seperate crosses on acetate so that when combined they make the union jack??? or what about a sort of texture book ...shiny carriage/furry cloak/sparkly crown/prickly knickers ! etc etc

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