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Senco Task For Interview


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I have an interview at the end of this week, along with an observed lesson.

The part of the day that is causing me some angst is a task. The role comes with SENCo, i did this role 8 years ago when i had no kids but its been a while. I have been shortlisted with them knowing this and they are offering to fully train me up. I however feel rather unnerved at the prospect of a 'SENCo task' which i will have to carry out on the day - no prep necessary....


any hints on what I should think about? read up on??


Thinking it might be along the lines of


...what would you do if you saw/ or had a child with...


any ideas greatfully accepted!!

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If you've already got experience of the role,no matter how long ago, I'm sure you'll be fine.


I'm wondering if it will be a child with speech and language needs as that would be an easy one for them to observe the way you interact and question you on what activities you might provide or support you might access.


The thinking about it is the worst part, once you are there you'll just get on with it and before you know it it will be done and dusted. Good luck. ;)

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Thanks all! Got the job! Swiftly Morgan you were right, actually it was a lot like common sense!

I was given 6 scenarios where I had to comment on how the SENCo would respond - would it be the SENCOs role/class teachers/parents in each case example. It was all about looking at my general understanding of key responsibilities for the SENCo. I was told that I had answered them all exactly as the interview panel had, so i guess my responses were ok!

Thanks for you virtual support ;-)

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