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Can all u clever people please help me! We have had a new lad start with us! As expected our group dynamics have changed as he is in a group of children in the upper half of primary school! Right from the outset I knew he would be a challenge to settle as his dad removed him from his previous setting with no notice!


I no in the long term we can ride this

Out and get the group to settle back down! At the moment our other kids are ganging up on him! And in effect telling us things that wouldn't normally annoy them!


How do I find a compromise between them (explaining that they have to give him time to adjust to us and he may get angry) and him (taking his needs into account that he is angry, he misses his other setting) without allowing the swearing, hitting, offensive terms e.g. Fat boy

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We had a similar situation.....a boy from a different community joined us mid term and was immediately an. 'outsider' despite our best efforts of saying all the right things and trying to engage him in collaboratively play etc. After a few weeks of not so savoury behaviour from a few of the group we decided on a new tact...we 'bigged him up' ! He liked superheros and so we asked him to bring some into show! The others all looked on longingly, wanting to play with the toys....and so with a supportive adult in the midst....they played with him too! They all wanted to be his friend to get their hands on spiderman!! Not nice, but it worked and now hes one of 'the boys'! :)

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