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Setting Up A Pre-School


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Hi all hope the day has treated you well :wub:


I am hoping for some advice and direction.

I have been a practitioner for 16+ and have just finished my Foundation degree ::1aand moving on now to my BA!


Now here is where I need the help, can you advise me on the best route of opening my own pre-school. I have an idea on how to do a business plan, but haven't got a scooby on how or what to do. with it or what the next steps are. Obviously I have to find premises and they have to be Ofsted registered ect. but what next?


:( I would love to work for myself but need help.



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I opened my own playgroup in september 2011 after finishing my foundation degree. It is hard work and expensive but I love having my own setting.

First I contacted my LA who provided me with a development advisior and she came over to view the premises and gave me all the info I needed to get ofsted registered.

Once I filled all the ofsted things in I started to write up policies and procedures, registration forms etc. and on my registration visit ofsted did look at them.

Once you've been told you are registered you can then start marketing etc. recruiting staff and buying all the new toys and furniture (that was my favourite part!).

You will also need to be a trained first aider and complete a safeguarding children course.


It can take a while to get registered with ofsted. I applied at the beginning of January and got registered at the end of May.


The things you need to think about are the age of children you want to take, how many, the premises and has it got enough storage, outdoor provision, opening times.


You will also not be able to get government funding for 3 and 4 year old for at least the first term of being open. I only got validated for mine in march to start offering it in April.


If you have any questions please message me and I will be happy to answer for you if I can :1b

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Hi, i am in the process of opening a new setting in September and have now been ofsted registered which took approx 12 weeks. It can take much longer though so be prepared for a long wait and leave plenty of time for this to happen.I am now at the stage of advertising my new setting and there is fierce competition out there so think carefully about this when you get to this stage. Then you have all the other stuff bank loans(i advise doing this before you start) staffing/insurance and accountants etc, This is something of a grey area which i am finding the hardest part. I have done this on my own with mimimal help which has been hard to say the least but make the most of any help you are offered. Depending on which borough you come under contact the early years advisory team and ask them for some guidance.Its a big commiment to take on and hard work and remember you wont make much money for a long time. (no flash cars for me then lol) i will post again when im sure of the next steps. Good luck :rolleyes: ps: if any one can help me out with employing people and the paye tax thing i would be very grateful.

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