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Hello - can anyone guide me to any previous discussions on completing the SEF or has anyone got any tips from when they did it themselves. We've potentially got an inspection in Aut term and know we do tons of good stuff but a starting point is a bit of a problem

Thanks :o

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Hi jackie. I presume you are talking about the school SEF? (yes Sue, its the self evaluation form). I think its still realtively new that it hasnt cropped up much in discssion yet here..although Im sure it will!


We are also expecting OFSTED soon so are needing to get te SEf up to date ready. I think your SMt should be heavily involved in this so you shouldnt be asked to complete anything on your own?


Is there a particluar bit that you are responsible for eg all the FS questions?


This is new from OFSTED

writing a SEF that works


and this you will probabaly have seen aready

improving performance through self evaluation


In additon check with your LEA as they may also have additional guidance.


I think its important that you talk through as much as possible with collegaues, you really cant do this in a vacuum. You need to be completely objective about where you are at and if you identify weaknesses, know how you intend too improve on them. For example, we are this year unhappy with some of our FS profile results and we now have to sit down and anaylse whethere it is a genuine wekaness in our teaching thas we need to address, or a lack of skill in completing the profile, which requires a different action from us.


Perhaps there are other members with more experience who can offer their words of wisdom?

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