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Hi the pre-school I manage is part of a Ltd company with six other pre-schools. We are allocated a budjet each tern for resources etc. but we rely on fundraising for extras for the children e.g bithday presents, christmas party. We have asked parents to have a fundraising committee but have had no interest we have also tried to sell tickets for raffle but still no luck.

Has anyone got any ideas to get parents interested in being on committee and digging in those pockets.

Sophie :oxD:(:(

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Dear Sophie,

Yes, it's the same old thing. We have and do arrange a number of events, some are purely social and some are fundraisers. We cut back on fund raising events because it seemed to take up everyone's time. We now only do two/three fund raisers which we find works better. Christmas Time - IKEA wooden picture frames - 3 for a £1.00 - get the children to paint them in an assortment of colours, glittered, sequinned, feathered and if you are lucky enough to get hold of a digital camera then take some pictures of the children (always asuming you have the parents permission), it's easier to do small group photos and sell them to the parents - up to you how much. Often they buy them as gifts for relatives, some buy three or four. It's a nice touch and the parents don't mind shelving out for an original. You could always put in a picture of the childs work if you don't have a camera. The once a year brick build works well with sponsorship - we raise most money through this or numbers of items in a matchbox. We also have a quiz night which is social and not really intended to raise money but we managed to pull together a raffle and it raised a lot on money too.

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Fundraising I hate it but it has to be done in some form or another


we dont do lots of fundraising as parents often feel that they pay enough in session fees and I can understand this but we do find parents are willing to part with their money when they want cheap presents for christmas


we have a photographer come to the group in october which normally raised enough cash to fund the christmas party and we have the catalogues that sell christmas cards and gifts which we tried for the first time last year and for very little effort we raised £100 (which was better than a poke in the eye!)


when we have tried organising events the responce has been poor I supose parents have changed they want to know "whats in it for them?"


Wine and cheese evenings, organise an informal event as a "get together for parents" then when all the wines been drunk and parents are in happy moods pass the collection tin round the room :D

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Thanks Alison could you tell me who you got your cards etc with I tried fundraising direct last year placed a large order and got nothing but trouble with the order. By the way I'll be booking the photographer for October thanks. Sophie.

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Have you tried a sponsored something or another? They could be sponsored to find say 10 items, like a feather, a button, a picture of the Queen (on a used stamp), a paper clip etc.

We take part in the Barnardo's toddle each summer, this summer's is the fifth one we have done. For evey £ you raise 75p goes to Barnardo's and you keep the other 25p. We raised over £900 this time with £700 going to them and we kept £210. We used some of the money for multicultural musical instruments and the rest went towards a computer for the group. I have to be honest it is the most we have ever raised but we do pretty well each year. You can find out about it at the Barnardo's website.

I sometimes think this works so well because we are collecting for a good cause as well as ourselves.

Good luck


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Fund raising is a problem. We have a PFSA in our school. That is Parents,Friends and Staff Association. We have managed to get some retired people (or possible local business people) interested and the fund raising is now their responsibility.


We have done a variety of things such as Fashion shows, (you provide the venue and models and get a percentage of the sales profit). One of the parents has a 'Chocoholics' catalogue and sells things for Christmas and Easter, raising a good profit. There are also things like regular 'bingo' sessions etc. I think that variety is the key, and thinking of something a bit different can get people interested. It is also a good idea to do something as a nursery, such as raising funds for others, that can get your photo in the local newspaper and raise the profile of the nursery and perhaps get sponsorship.


How about making gift tags for Christmas. Finger painting on small pieces of card, a bit of glittery cord. Put into packs of 10 and sell to the parents. Who can resist work done by the children.


Good fund raising.


Rosie Jackson :o

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we are a charity and rely on a lot of fundraising - these include


sponsored obstacle courses

giving the children the small boxes of smarties and getting them to bring them back full of 20p peices

sponsered bean growing

christmas and summer fates

we are also goig to try an auction of donated gifts and promises this month

if our topic allows we have done fashion shows, lunches , shows etc and parents have paid for tickets to come

just some of the things we do...........................



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