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Transfer Time!


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So we are rapidly approaching transfer time again and I am keen to get a handle on this before it's too late!


Every year, it seems a mad rush to get transfer documents written and for the children to add their parts to. Our manager also likes to check them before they go out so this all takes time. We have 28 children leaving pre-school this summer for school, so I was wondering how soon you would start to get these documents written up?


The key person writes the transfers usually. These are then checked by me or my manager. Once we are happy with them, the children are then asked to add their comments/draw their pictures etc. Once they are completed, we invite the parents in to read through them, to make their comments. Transfers are then photocopied. The original is sent on to school and the copies sent home with parents but we are finding that we are always running late with them and sometimes, they don't get sent off until right at the end of the term. I would like to aim to get them to schools before we break up, that way, I think there will be more chance of the teachers having plenty of time to read them.


What do you all do? How soon is too soon?!

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Wow that sounds a lot of work! We show our final learning journey to parents at parents' evening in June and then pass them over to school, who give them back to the parent when the child moves to Key Stage 1. Never been asked to photocopy one before. We used to do a transfer page, but we just do a final summary in the folder now with next steps for school from the PRAMS.

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We used to do similar to Claire.


.LEA provided the format and gave us the transfer documents to do.. we started after the June bank holiday week.. our LEA suggested starting then and adding to it if we noticed any changes over the term..This gave us 3 or 4 weeks to do them .. The children did a picture during that time, parents saw and signed them by end of first week in July as they had to be at the schools before they closed, so were usually sent second week in July ..


As manager I read them as they were given to me and put them into the appropriate envelope for the school at the same time.. we usually had 30/40 to do with 5 staff doing them . As keyworkers did them for their children it was easier as they knew them well enough to not constantly need to refer back to learning journey,

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We used to do an LEA transfer document each summer but I adapted it and we now use this format every term as a report to parents - this summer, I'm hoping to send it to the schools as it is.


Key people work with individual children during the term and complete these in time for Open Afternoons which are usually the penultimate week of term. I then pass them on to the school before the end of term - the LEA give us a deadline which I try and meet! If parents haven't made a comment then I send them on anyway.


We have a separate sheet in the learning journals (which we pass on to parents when children leave) for children's comments.


hope that helps

EYFS record sept 2011 TEMPLATE for fsf.doc

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