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Fire Door Question


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HI all


we currently have the builders in at our setting re-furbishing and extending our pre-fab building,


i have an issue with the fire door, this door also double as the outside play door and is open during a session for the children to free flow to the outside area,


the problem i have is that the newly installed disabled toilet as the fire door inside the cubicle and the builders are telling me that they don have enough time to move it before we open on Mon. (got behind with the snow!)


my question is, would this be allowed by Ofsted, Fire protection building?


I know its far from ideal the builder tells me that they will move it at half term, but thats 6 weeks away!


I'm not sure what the legal requirements will be regarding fire doors and access


if anyone out there can help me that would be great, im at the top of a very big tree..



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We had lots of probs with a fire door on kitchen of a new building a year ago, fire officers wanted one even though we'd seen other new builds without, buildings control were very helpful, I,m presuming they,re on board for building works anyway so give your local building control a call tomorrow. Our back door to play area is also fire escape door and always open for freeflow, you,d open it to get out anyway,internal fire doors are supposed to remain closed to stop fire spreading through a building.

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