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Legislation Difficulties

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Hi, I am trying to think of other examples of legislation and how there can be conflicts specifically concerning safeguarding. One example I gave, trying to cater to the child's well-being and development when noticiing through observations that a child might have additional needs and the parents not accepting this and not taking up the option of help for the child. Children's Act 1989 states parents have their rights and therefore a practitioners hands are somewhat tied when trying to provide for the child. Does anybody know of any other conflicting situations regarding any safeguarding issue. Thanks...ps 1st post. himum

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Hi Himum,


Am going to try to give a sort of answer as no one better qualified has yet. Am thinking this question may have done better in another area of the Forum.


What about if you were to make a judgement call to send a child home with someone you think may be harming them so that the perpetrator is not clued up to Social Services' interest in them? A parent may abscond with a child, or cover up evidence if they think their abuse is about to be discovered.


Best of luck with it.



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I was thinking along those lines Honey....parent with parental responsibility and no court order preventing you sending child home with them but other parent adamant that the child must not go with them....hope that makes sense.


What about ratios...with a group of children and say 2 staff and then incident occurs and 1 staff member called away....how do assess the environment, decide if it is safe to say with more children than the ratios suggest....what action do you take?


Just a few thoughts :1b


Well done on making your first post....see it wasn't too scary was it :D

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