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We used Van Gough wheat field with crows during our topic on senses. The children recreated the pictures just using thir fingers, dabbing etc. They looked fab!

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i have done Jackson Pollock - different ways to flick/ splat paint / use a pendulum to swing bottle of paint - also my children danced about with the dance ribbons saying they where painting like Jackson Pollock!


like above Mondrian - i have mine huge sheets of white paper and rollers and they made lines then filled in the gaps also outside made large Mondrian with paper sheets and garden cains


Lichtenstein - good for superheros and dotty pictures

also Georges-Pierre Seurat - picture made from dots


Lowry - stick men


Paul Klee - colored squares


look at cubism - make sculptures with cardboard boxes


erm.. i'll get back to you when i remember any others i have done


Emma x

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