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We are in the process of securing some funding to develop our outdooor play areas.

We have a small concreted area for 0-3s and a slightly larger area for 3+

What have been your most successful purchases - what do you recommend as we dont want to get it wrong?

Thanks in advance of your help

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erm.. what my children like to use

sand pit and mud pit that children can stand in and dig!


uttering stands (TTS)


things to make dens (material, pegs, rope)

hallow blocks from community playthings

somewhere to sit/ pirate area e.g. willow structure


i find the best way to decide would be to visit settings in your area and see first hand

hope that helps


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All of the above, we also invested in some high quality artificial grass. It is expensive but it is hard wearing but soft, tidy and manageable, dries really quickly so you can use it after the rain and during if you have the wet weather gear. It's not AstroTurf which is hard and rough. We also have a soft paved area surrounding the digging area and Tarmac areas for chalking on etc.

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Wellies and waterproofs ;) A sun canopy so you can use it all year round, a snack den, covers over sandpits, utensils for mud kitchens.


Sorry for the random selection, just typed them as they came into my head! :huh:

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