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The Farmer, Chicken, Fox And Bag Of Grain


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Hi everyone,


I really want to do the farmer, chicken, fox and bag of grain story with my reception children next week as we really need to do some problem solving but... does it actually count towards any PSRN problem solving profile points?? If not where else in the profile points does it feature?


If anyone doesn't know the story it is that a farmer is on his way home and comes across a river and a small boat. He has with him a chicken, fox and bag of grain. He cannot take more than himself and one other in the boat or it will sink. He cannot leave the chicken and the fox or the fox will eat the chicken, he cannot leave the chicken and the grain or the chicken will eat the grain.


If anyone needs the answer I can post that as well haha!


I would also be grateful of any other problem solving ideas that people have related to PSRN profile point 8 in NLC, C, SSM.


Thank you so so much in advance!


Sarah x

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I have used this (tho my story is a fox, goose and corn) - the children were very into fox stories after reading Gingerbread Man - we have a problem with foxes in our school grounds too. I counted it as PSRN 8 for SSM although obviously not an exact fit. We got some great language from it too.

I have used the book Mr Archimedes Bath for problem solving - starting off with using animals to displace water but then looking at more regular sized shapes.

A propos of nothing really - I call my own 3 children the fox, the goose and the corn as woe betide leaving the goose and the corn at home together!

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