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Birmingham Education Show?


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Did anyone else go to this yesterday?? First show of its kind I have ever attended, and I really enjoyed it. It was good to be able to see, feel and try out equipment before buying anything. Only downside was that it was very crowded, but the wonderful upside was meeting some of the staff from my favourite company, Community Playthings, genuinely super-friendly. AND, they sold me some of their display items for a whopping 20% discount! ( I had to phone hubby and one of my daughters to come to help takeit all away :). So, a new set of mini blocks, a new set of larger blocks and a new set of hollow blocks to add to what we already have. I also bought several other things, couldn't resist!

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I didnt go this year because we dont have any spare money, but in previous years I've enjoyed mooching around and getting some freebies, I dont think we've ever been with something specific in mind, except for meeting people from here :D

I thought it looked very small on the floor plan this year compared to a couple of years ago though, especially the EY area. :D Glad yo enjoyed it

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One of the exhibitors told me it was a third of the normal size, and when i went out the back to load my stuff, they had actually cordoned off half of the hall. It was very cramped in the middle, not so bad at the further edges, but darned hot in there!

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Had a great mooch around too... I really liked the balance bikes... I've put them on my wish list. Only down side for me is people with trolley boxes dragging behind them - the number of times I hit my shins!!!

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