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Table Top Sale / Car Boot Sale


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This earns us money twice a year approx £300


We sell table space at a cost of £5.00 per table and then people sell their own stuff

Playgroup have a table themselves that we fill with any donated items that playgroup parents donate to sell.


The only outgoing we have from it is the advertising costs, although I have to say sometimes advertising can cost an absolute fortune if you want to reach a little further.


We tend to have the sale on the Saturday and then anything that is left if we feel it would be worth it we go to the local car boot the next day and try to sell it there!

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this is not strictly fund raising but i had an idea the other day about a swop shop for the forum......you see having moved we have a few things that we no longer require, have duplicates of or that do not fit our ethos now. There are other things that i need more of...i wondered if there was any milage in doing swops with other settings? or perhaps this is too complicted?

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