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Questionnaire To Parent/carers Regarding The Nursery

Guest colechin

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Guest colechin

Hi all,


I would like to send a simple question out to parent/carers to rate the service we provide for them and their children.

Before I embark on this task, does any out there already do something like this? If so could i have a look at one and see what questions you ask.

I would also like to give all parent/carers a quick form for them to fill out at home, after they have seen their child's key-worker for their termly meeting. Asking questions like: do you feel your key-worker knows your child, are you happy with how the meeting went etc, etc, etc.


Hope someone out there can be of help to me.

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Hi there. Although I dont have one to show you we have done this for many years. This year, we also sent a childs questionnaire which we did in a really easy layout for children to answer with their parents. We used smiley / neutral/ sad faces as the answers instead of yes//no etc. Also, we put pictures of the setting in. For example, do you like, circle time (a photo of).

Got very positive feedback from parents and children with this approach and gave us an insight to what the children actually liked and disliked!

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