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Story/poems Linked To Holidays/journeys


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Hi all,

After Easter our KS1 class are covering the topic 'We're all going on a summer holiday'. Altough we don't stick to topics like them, I like to start off with something linked to their theme and see where it takes us. For the last couple of terms we have started off with a story and this has worked really well. I'm trying to think of some good stories or poem books linked to holidays or journeys but at the moment my mind is blank. Wondered if anyone has any ideas?

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The train ride June Crebbin is one with lots of possibilities..


I did a workshop with Neil Griffiths where he read it . He gave out some of the props for us to use and told us to be 4 yr olds.. big mistake giving me the train whistle and telling me only to blow it when he told me to... was a noisy session ... :rolleyes:

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