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Hi All


I have just started an new job as Deputy Manager of a nursery based in the preschool room, I have been looking at the observations and assessments they do on the children and wondered how often people to them.


they do a long observation once a term and a end of year report under the six areas, they also write positis and take pictures that are stuck on one piece of paper per area.


the folder is split into areas


all about me

learning intentions


art work


the folders seem very un organised and not in date order in anyway but the staff like them.

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well, I had an ofsted inspector in last week for the registration visit for our new company (that's another story lol) and I showed her one of my learning stories, I asked about the frequency of observations because it is something of a contentious issue within the setting. I asked how often long obs needed to be done, she looked through the LJ and asked why was I doing a long obs, I replied that our EYA had said so!! She said that because I do mini obs with everything that goes in the LJ and there is something put in most days a child attends (this could be a photo and description, post it note with something the child said etc) that having long obs is pointless and not needed! I asked her to clarify that she was saying long obs are not needed and she said what's the point, it's just creating more work for ourselves! There are exceptions to the rule if there is a child with SEN or children you have a concern about etc but for those children who are where they "should" be for their age and stage then there is no need for long obs.

I have to say I totally agree because the way we do our learning stories are pretty in depth and shows a progression clearly and next steps etc are all on a sheet at the back and linked in with each page in the LJ

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