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can anyone tell me what is compulsary for end of year reports in reception class. I have read other articles on here and am aware most people write a short paragraph about the 6 areas of learning and an overall comment.


I wanting to know if this is a must?as I cannot find any guidance on what is compulsary. Can we use tick boxes for some of the areas?


Any advice welcome.


Thanks in advance

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Guest tinkerbell

I think it depends on individual schools how they present the reports to parents....your authority will need the e-profile results.As you say some teachers may just print off the report from the e-profile and add a general comment ot they may write their own report based on the 6 areas of learning and a comment.

At my school the rest of the school yr1-yr6 have a tick box system for subjects ,ticking on attitude,progress and ability (Very good,good,satisfactory,needs attention) and then a comment box for teachers,pupils,headteacher and parents.I write a few sentences about each area and a comment.


I don't think it says anywhere what is legal apart from reporting on the e-profile scores at the end of the year? someone will tell us soon no doubt. :D



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All in the ARA for EYFS



3.1 Reporting assessment of children’s

development to parents

All EYFS providers must give parents a written summary of a child’s progress against the

early learning goals and attainment within the assessment scales. A copy of the EYFS

Profile summary scores reported to the local authority must also be provided to parents if

requested. Providers should avoid reporting raw scores without providing an explanation

of what they mean.

Parents should be involved in the assessment process on a regular, ongoing basis and

encouraged to participate in their child’s learning and development. Practitioners may use

the information provided by EYFS Profile assessment as a basis for their reports to parents.

Reports should be specific to the child, aim to be concise and informative and help to

identify appropriate next steps.

If a child changes school during Year R, the new setting will need to report the end of EYFS

assessment to parents.



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You need to report the end of year profile scores to parents, although I have seen school reports that do that very vaguely so its open to interpretation, as far as I can see. However, it is possible to personalise the profile generated reports if you are using eprofile.

You will need to report in a way that is acceptable to your school and for your own sanity try and keep it as simple as possible!

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Guest tinkerbell

Oh yes

my authority actually sends a written score sheet for each child which I send with the report.I also send an explanation of what the numbers mean as far as working towards,working at and working beyond expectations .....

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