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Foundation Degree Work Based Learning Assignment?


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Hi all,

I am just about to start my work based learning 1 assignment and keep looking at the assignment breif but dont know where to start!!

Has anyone done this who might be able to shed some light on it as i am blank!!


I would really appreciate this



Thank you sassy kay :o

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Welcome to the Forum, sarahkay and congratulations on making your first post.


Perhaps it would help if you shared the details of your brief with us so that we can see what you need to do and offer some ideas?

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Thank you happy maz :)


i have to make a report and focus on 3 of these areas ;- A unique child, Possitive relationships, enableing enviroment, Learning and development. I need to identify evaluate how i have developed them and extended my profesional skills and practice.


i also need to add additional evidence to build a portfolio.


We were asked to keep a 6 week reflective journal which i did but feel this does not help me in the spacific titles above hmmmm getting myself very confused and stressed :(

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