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HI all

Just a query as to if things are different in schools compared to pre-schools and for example us as a childcare registered out of school club.


Do you as a pre-school or reception class as part of the school have to follow the welfare requirments of EYFS? eg space requirements. If early years or reception are in a certain classrooms and yet they have no limit to the numbers of children due to space as the school does not register the setting for childcare. Is this right?


I was worried at one point as we have to tell OFSTED about extensive building works etc but as it happens it hasnt affected the OOSC as we are still able to use the rooms (apart from easter when we will close). Should school have to tell OFSTED though?


The Head was furious when I told him i had contacted OFSTED for advice. I did politely tell him that it is us as a committee that are responsible and not him even if we are on school site and that we have often contacted the big O. He seemed to think I have now put us all at risk of an O inspection...school recently been told that after 3 outstandings they will not be inspected and club is now 6 yrs since inspection so expecting it any minute anyway! He does seem to have it all different but wondered if this is the case because he is a school?. He still cant understand that we cant just move rooms around the school due to our registration. But I cant get my head around the fact that the EYFS at school seems completely different.


Just wondered if anyone in a school could shed some light??!!

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It is my understanding though I may be wrong, that reception are bound by the same rules as nursery regarding welfare requirements.


For instance the first aid book. . Reception have to have permission for every child to have first aid and they have to have the sheets to get parents to sign to say they have been told about any accidents.


I don't know about the rest though!


I think the O people do need to know if there's a long term move of room.


Sorry not too helpful this morning!

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Schools don't have to report changes etc to Ofsted as Nursery and reception in schools are not registered provision. For the same reason the requirements that are specific to registered providers do not apply to schools, who are often covered by other existing legislation such as infant class sizes. Numbers of children in reception are decided by the LA as published admission numbers e.g. a year group of 45 or 60 and will have regard to size of space (and there are some regulations I vaguely recall). The only relationship with Ofsted that a school has is in the inspection process.



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Hi Catma


I did think this was the reason! Hence why the Head cant understand half of what I tell him we have to do!


Fortunately the school will soon be taking the OOSC on and he can then decidehow to do things re EYFS etc.

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