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I've just put my 2 year old nephew to bed and was watching him while he was having a drink in the bathroom.

He has water in a coloured but transparent cup and as he put it down on the bath he was really interested in the coloured patterns that the water was making on the shiny white surface.

Just thought that this could be a nice investigation/exploration type activity if you could provide a few different coloured cups/bottles with a little bit of water on top of a shiny white surface? Then you could add small items to the water to see how that effects the reflection. (The cups are cheap toddler cups from asda)

Just an idea - probably been done before!

Green Hippo x

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That sounds really amazing for Toddler/older baby particularly, but potential for pre-school.


Actually, I think it's brilliant anyway, just now thinking of how to capitalise on such a great idea.


Thanks for sharing greenhippo, will get back if I get any great ideas.........



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