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Hi everyone,


The children's 100th day in school falls next week and it seems an ideal opportunity for some learning around the number 100!


Any inspiration/ ideas ??


Many Thanks,




x x x

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There's a book by tony ross called 'the centipedes 100 shoes'.

one is a snail, 10 is a crab, is one of my fave all time books about numbers, which go up to 100.


Could you collect things in 100s, so children can see how many it is?

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I set my year 1 children this challenge for homework and they brought in a wide variety of sets of 100 things - mini pom poms, peanuts, cotton buds, pennies, sweets...

They absolutely loved choosing a set to count/check each group-time and we practised counting them in 1s and 10s.

We made monster picture cards with 10 on each card and sang '100 naughty monsters jumping on the bed, 10 fell off and bumped their heads...' also '10 little monsters went out one day upon a spiders web to play, they had such tremendous fun that they called for 10 more little monsters to come...'

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