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How Much Evidence Is 'enough'?!


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Hi all,

I am new to Reception this year and so I will be externally moderated by my LEA on my profiles. I want to obviously get everything right and I am getting to the point of paranoia! (Hence writing on here at eleven o'clock on a Friday!

I have received lots of different opinions on how much evidence I should have for each point in my profiles...I have been told one piece is enough, two pieces are needed and then even that three pieces for each point are needed.

I obviously understand that 'it is my knowledge of the children' that they are looking for etc etc but I just want some opinions as I am terrified that I will just go blank when I am moderated! Lol. I am sure I will be fine, I just want to do the best job that I possibly can.

Thanks for ANY help



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Moderation is about the accuracy of how you use the EYFSP criteria as laid out in the handbook so you need to have that as you consider your evidence - where practitioners I moderate have only used the scale point statements they often over or under expect what the child should be capable of doing in line with the exemplification. The moderators role is to agree or disagree the accuracy of your data.


There has never been any expectation for x number of pieces of evidence. It's a myth! Evidence is everything recorded and unrecorded (see handbooK for the exact definition)


You have to ask yourself "Is this scale point description (in it's entirety) typical of what I see the child doing, yes or no; and how do I know?" By explaining how you know you will be drawing on a range of information, both from your own observations and from parents input.


Some scale points need captured evidence, others need your knowledge in a greater or lesser amount, for writing scale points I want to see evidence in the form of writing but for self care if you can describe the typical behaviours and give anecdotal observations that would be fine. I always say to practitioners that they show me/tell me whatever evidence they feel they need to show me to demonstrate the attainment of the point. I'm not looking for any set amounts. Although I do want the majority of evidence to be coming from the child's own independent responses/activity. It's all about application.


It's not a test and it's not given a grading. You either are or are not accurate and the moderator will feed back around this point. All the main points regarding moderation processes are generally in the handbook or in the Assessment and Reporting Arrangements booklet (ARA) 2012 so I would recommend having a look at them if you haven't already.



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Thank you for those words of wisdom Susan, I am at the very point of being worn out as I type! I need to RELAX! lol

And thank you Catma for all that detailed information, I will read that document over half term.

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