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Sorry, can anyone give me some info on PIPS results. Im a preschool teacher, I want to understand my sons results from the beginning of primary one.

Have been told ne scored 70.

Can anyone explain what this means.



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Hi there SJW.

I think noone has replied to you yet because PIPS isn't used very much by schools any more in the UK, since we had the EYFSP (Early Years Foundation Stage profile). We may have a few members who are still using it as well as the EYFSP but I'm sure this has dwindled over the past 5 years.


I can see that you are based in Hong Kong? I think PIPS are used more widely in Australia.


I do think though that your son's school should be explaining what the results mean to you..is it possible for you to ask his teacher?


In the meantime if we do have members familiar with PIPS, Im sure they will pop along and share their knowledge.

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I had read the post but as I have not used PIPS for over 15 years I felt I would be of no use to advise but just looked on their website and found the following http://www.cemcentre.org/pips/feedback


You may find other useful info on the website but I agree fully with Mundia the school needs to explain what that means for your son.


Good luck!

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