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Have done a little search can't seem to find much :-( please could I have some ideas for PSRN especially but for all aspects of people that help us?

So far I have

Small world play - fire station

role play - vets, hospital, police station and post office

creative - junk modeling, making a people that help us puppetm making a lollipop

CLL - writing letters(linking to post office) - envolopes etc

PSRN - bingo, misfits and sorting recycling


BRain freeze has now set in

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Hi can you have the real firemen, police service, dental health, librarian etc come to visit.

Fire service: Make fire extinguishers out of lemonade bottles, piece of hose, red tissue paper with labels made by children with word such as water, foam to be used in role play area, with helmets, outfits etc.

Lots of discussions on fire safety possible.

We had our climbing frame out which became the Fire engine, with lots of imaginative play climbing the ladder, putting out the fire.

Could you explore filling and emptying of containers and transporting of water.

Lots of fire based songs, Firemen Sam stories.

Postal service: Evelopes, stamps, post box, make passports,postcards, lots of leaflets available at your larger Post Offices, telephones, calculators, weighing scales, brown parcel paper, string, boxes of differing sizes to wrap and weigh. [Lots of opportunties for PSRN AND CLL].

We linked ours in with Mothers day and the children made a card, put a stamp on it and walked in small groups to the post box to post.

Our local dentist had a lady who dealt with Dental health . She was able to bring in lots of resources, discuss with parents and children about keeping our teeth and mouth healthy, she used puppets to show the correct use of a tooth brush, brought masks and the children were able to pretend to be dentists.

Police service: Our local CPOS came to visit the setting, as well as a squad car, children were able to try on uniforms, hats, etc, sit in the vehicle, finger printing etc.

Lots of arresting and being taken away to jail by the children which was hilarious as it was mainly the staff being arrested.

Stories included cops and robbers.

The library: Our local librarians came in and shared stories and songs with the children, explained about the library. Role play became a Library with a wide selection of books, pretend library cards etc.

Hope some of this might help to get you started. :o

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