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Lol, I'd been in bed since 9 o'clock as absolutely shattered with a migraine :-( - thank goodness for half term!


I love cornflour gloop, seeing new little ones find out about hand/finger painting for the first time (the ones who've never been allowed to make a mess before) and mud pies.


One of my staff member has really struggled with cornflour gloop, she admits to being a bit OCD. She is fine with other messy play with paint, playdough etc, but the nature of cornflour gloop - is it a solid or is it a liquid? - has made it really hard for her to handle it, so I'm really proud of her for putting her hands in this week! She's a star :-)


I define messy play as the provision of an open ended resource for exploration (I suppose by that as the paint can have an end product it may not be messy play by my definition...) - so not cooking or washing stuff as they has an end product in mind, however messy we may get!

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