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hallo there, i'm having a bit of a panic! any1 got any fab idears for the topic "the supermarket"


thought this would be a good 1 to do, but can't find any idears :o

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Welcome to the forum Befals. Not sure these are particularly inspiring, but they might just get the ball rolling.


Activities -

PSED - taking turns with till, trolley, tidying up supermarket after play, helping each other with dressing up clothes, variety of produce on sale that children will be able to relate to from own experiences.


CLL - discussion about setting tup role play area. Taking on roles of staff, customer. Signs and posters with prices, special offers, 3 for 2 etc. Shopping lists, writing table with pads, labelled pics of food.

Names of different groceries, fruit and veg.

Vocab of shape size, materials, texture, colour etc.


MD - Prices, quantities, calculating prices, weighing amounts of fruit and veg. Different sizes of goods on offer.


KU - Making pretend stock for supermarket. Till, credit cards, stock to re-order. Role play of different jobs people do. Discussion of why people go to supermarkets. Variety of produce available, discuss tastes, preferences.


Visit local supermarket.

Provide uniforms, checkout.

Packets, tins, pretend food - some home-made.



Nothing wonderful I'm afraid - I've done greengrocers but never supermarket. Perhaps someone else out there will have done it and be able to give you more.



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We set up a role play area for this some time ago. We decided on what the supermarket was going to be called and we had a grand opening with a ribbon to be cut. I was the local dignitary to open the supermarket so I wore a big hat and a dress-something unknown for me!! :o

I went to a local small supermarket and asked for enough bags for all the children in the group on the promise that I would take them there shopping. I asked parents to draw or write a list with their child and give them £1 to spend in the shop. We then took them to the supermarket where they went in 6 at a time and bought the things on their list.

The children realy loved this.


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That sounds wonderful. We do a shopping topic nad have our role play area as a supermarket where we do write lists etc but I do like hte grand opening idea! Also the asking parents for £1 to spend - we take them to buy milk or cookery items but their own list is so much nicer...


On a similar thread... we got them to 'write' a letter (some wrote random letters, some did a scribble, some did nothing!) parents sent in a stamped addressed (to the child) envelope, they folded their own letter to fit then we took them down to post them. The excitement when they arrived!!!

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Hi sorry haven't got any great ideas but the web page literacy matters has a unit on supermarkets which comes from developing early writing. Your probably already aware of it but if not heres the link :)

literacy matters

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