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Its been a while since i posted in here, but im currently getting ready to move to a new setting (non school nursery), and wanted to update the staff contracts to start afresh. We have disclaimers for health, suitable persons: no changes since last CRB that kind of thing, and all staff not at level 3 must be working towards a level 2 or 3 to work here.

What i want to add is a disclaimer about reading their EYFS and welfare requirements and keeping up to date. This is because i've learned that even though we provide info, make time for staff to be able to read and make ourselves available for questions, some staff just seem to think they dont need to do this or put the thought into their own learning and implementation. I would rather have this as a simple disclaimer from the start and then only have to have the discussion once and be able to have a simple process to follow than keep butting the same wall. This obviously isnt due to dyslexia or other learning issues which are discussed separately and steps taken, its just to combat laziness really.

Does anyone have one? or what do other settings use?





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Hi I do think the Eyfs is a hefty document to read, take in and absorb on ones own. In our practice using the current one, we have often picked out known areas that could do with all practioners updating and refreshing on. This would be shared at a staff meeting, or in-house training day. This was also a great team building opportunity. I wouldn't have a disclaimer at our setting, how would you enforce it.

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