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As a staff we've been challenged to do some work with our children that will decrease the amount of 'teacher direction' given-especially to our highest attainers (This is as a result of a comment on our OFSTED report).


I'm working on addition this week, and this is my idea:


Number bonds to 10. can they think of a way to show the different ways of making 10.


I'm hoping that this would allow them to explore the resources available and use what they feel comfortable with, and it would mean that they could record this in a way they feel confident with, or want to try out without me directing their choices.


What do you think? I'm wondering how to start this off....what to say to ensure they know what I mean without telling them how to do it...I feel like if I model they will copy how I did it rather than explore their own technique.


Any advice/suggestions?

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