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I am alway in delemas (can not spell)


I own my setting and had a deputy - we had a little disput and she was demoted - still got on well - she became pregnant and left on maternaty leave and return as a nursery nurse.


Since then I have not really found the ideal person to take on her role - I have had acting deputies but do not match her compitance -


Her skills are valuable she goes into action when the need arises. However there are times when staff (previous activing deputies) ignor her advice -


She is now doing a level 5 managerial course and feel it is time for her to take on the role as deputy however I still have my doubts - please advise


If she does take on the role again I would like to make sure she follows the guildlines from the role description. She has been with me for 9 years.

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Wouldn't you go through a full recruitment procedure, if you require a deputy and don't currently have one? If you have attended recent safer recruitment training (or done an online course), I think the recommendations are that you advertise the post (rather than just give it to someone; this can be internal); you draw up a job spec and job description; It is then up to anyone who wishes to apply to show how they meet the skills set out on the person spec. If you have other staff members who would like to be considered for this role, its really the only fair way to recruit.

That way, if she is appointed, she will have a new contract, (ie that of a deputy), and a job description she needs to follow. This could then form part of supervisions/one:ones, if she is not doing everything expected of her.


I know it sounds long winded, but in the end, its worth it as you have proper procedures in place and less likely to have problems later on. Ive lost count of how many settings I work with just give a job to someone and then worry about what to do with staff who aren't pulling their weight, or that they are having to go through disciplinary procedures.

If you have an early years team in your LA there should be someone who can advise on this.

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