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We had a visit from our improvement advisor today and she advised us to add a sheet to the front of each child's learning journey with a photo and some information about their keyworker.


Has anyone done this or know what sort of information we should include???


She also said about including some information for parents about learning journey's. What do you use?


Thanks :o

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We've been doing it for a while - we use the existing front sheet and either stick a photo of the child on or print out the front sheet with their photo on it. Then we've a section that we fill in with child's name, date of birth, start date & key person. All we give is the name of their key person, we've not been advised to put anything else.

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We are the same as Lyanne. I suppose you could put years experience in early years, training. I explain the purpose of it when parents bring children on visits.


When my developement officer suggests things to do, as though we haven't got enough already, I ask her to e-mail me a blank template. then I personalised it.

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