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Has the fun gone then Littleanna :o

No seriously we did away with topics persay many moons ago but tend to look at a starting point generally from either an individual child's interest or a group of childrens.

So for instance on one occasion a child had been on a visit to legoland and came into pre-school to share his outing, this led us to look at buildings, large, small, different types of homes here and around the world, habitats, making buildings with construction equipment, sugar cubes, builder's yard with sand, bricks, tools etc. We also then made a Cafe where the builders might go for a break making healthy sandwiches, drinks etc. Lots of books, leaflets from DIY stores, Bob the builder songs also added as we went along.

Have you had a little search on here for ideas, resources or links.

Another time a child was really interested in bones in his body, we took part in lots of physical activities using our whole bodies, had some x-rays and posters of a child's human bones, foods and drinks to keep healthy and help make our bones strong.

This led us on to borrow a full size skeleton called Fred dressed in his school tie coming to visit us.

We then became explorers and excavators and purchased some minature dinosaur bones which we hid in a plaster of paris and sand mix and the children became archaeologists digging and scraping away until they discovered the bones.

Lots of stories including funny bones and songs including" them bones them bones them thigh bones".

Tap into your children's interest and away you go.

But as for a book not sure there is one to cover it all.

Hope this may help inspire you, or someone may come along soon with some other suggestions.


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How about a subscription to an Early Years Magazine - I like Early Years Educator for that reason the practical ideas to inspire me at times. Often it doesn't need much - just something I hadn't thought about and could adapt for our setting.

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