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Had heard mutterings of this project and I was hoping that someone could guide me in the right direction for information please!!!


Can't even think off-hand what it stands for!!


D xxx

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Hi! I am currently mid-eel, which stands for effective early learning, and am really enjoying working on it, although it is a LOT of work.


The project is run by CREC (centre for research into early childhood) and essentially it involves self evaluation through a range of observations, leading to an evaluation report (written by yourself) and an action plan, and then a second round of observations and evaluation - the idea being to develop your own continuing cycle of improvement. (Does that make sense?)There are also assignments to submit to University College Worcester for accreditation


I am doing it through my county (herts); two of our advisors have been involved with the project for a few years, and at the moment there are about eight of us teachers working on it. This means we can discuss in cluster groups any problems we are encountering, and I personally couldn't have got even half way through without this support! To make enquiries directly to CREC you need to get in touch with Sue Moxon - email: s.moxon@crec2.org.co.uk


I would recommend the project - if you have time to incorporate reflective self evaluation into your practice. But then, isn't that what this forum is all about?! :D:D

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Thanks all. Have checked out the website and emailed my SIO to see whether the LEA needs to put me forward, or whether it's the school. Thanks for the email beccy but it doesn't work!


Does anyone have the ins and outs on how to apply, how much etc. Usual stuff !!!


Tis keeping my mind occupied instead of thinking of the nightmare that is my FS Co at the minute! Think happy thoughts!


Thanks all !

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Hi gater. We also did the EEL project some years agai in my last school. There is an awful lot of paperwork involved as beccy said but we did learn a lot from it.


But my belief at the time was that it was very much meant to eb a team effort and there was a lot of 'warts and all' look at the way you do thingd which really does require a cuture of trust. We had to interview each oter, children parents and governors as well as observe each other and be a critical friend. In your climate I ma guessing that you would need you FsCo on board and would you get this? Perhaps beccy can calrify this but that was certainly the case when we did ours.


Certinly I would suggest you do your homework before embrarking on such a big project.


We were funded to do ours by the LEA so I dont know anything about the financial side, and it tok about 18 months I think to complete.

Do let us know what you decide.

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