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Hi all,


I hope everyone had a good new years eve!!


This is my first post in here as a pgce student! I'm looking for some help and advice on my first mtp for a reception class. Im rather confused as to the sections that have to be completed on my particular form given to me by the university. We've been given very little advice on what to put into them and its coming to the start of term and I'm in one almighty panic about what information goes where (even after a week of trying to work it out)! :o


We have a topic that will go across the half term and each week is then divided into different mini topics but how to record this all is baffling me!


Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. I think I have attached the format but not sure if it has worked!




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Hi Jayne, dont panic! Welcome aboard.


Your planning proforma doesnt look too complicated. You need to define the skills you will be teaching within the first part and how you are going to provide this in the second.


I think it will be easier to help you be seeing what you have put where already.

You can post that or PM me if you prefer, I will be around later again today.

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Do you know where the children are with their learning - this would help!

If not you'll have to decide and then adapt as you go.


Look at the curriculum document and decide what the learning is going to be - not what you will "do" for example be able to use a wider range of small tools including hammers. This will focus you on the specific assessment foci too if youuse the look listen and note part of the documents.


For thesecond provision planner you need to consider how you will enable this in the regular provision -so in the construction area it might be "tap-tap" resource or balsa wood and hammers/pins.



Hope that helps


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