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New Year Wishes For 2012


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This year on another forum I use one person has posted a set of new year wishes instead of goals. As per usual I did not met all of my goals in 2011.


So this year I have decided to write a list of wishes for 2012. Instead of having lots of goals which seems more sensible.


Goals/wishes for 2012 are:


To find out the classification results of my degree hopefully a 2:2 or wishfully a 2:1.

To gain a grade C for both GCSE Maths and IGCSE Biology.

To apply for teacher training in September/October 2012 depending on the maths and biology results.

To take an A level English course in a year, which will be my one and only actual A level I will get.

To be fitter and slimmer in time for my graduation in what we guess to be December.

To attempt to gain the holiday licence to enable us to take the guides on holidays.

To gain full time employment in a teaching assistant role in any year group.


So do you have any 2012 wishes?

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well, I have done most of what I set out to do over the past couple of years or so:

Gained my maths GCSE...........grade C ( nothing short of miraculous!)

Gained my Degree....... a very lovely 2:1 ( thanks to lovely angels who helped me at every turn)

completed my EYPS: ( waiting results, probably in February).


so now, my wishes are:

to enjoy robust good health for a while;( I've earned it, I think?)

to gain 'Outstanding' in our next Ofsted inspection;

to gain better control over my weight

to get my house up together, so I can regard it as a home again, instead of a printshop/library/resource room for uni courses!

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I'm sure you have earnt it Narnia!




My wishes for 2012 are:


to carry on losing weight (just before Xmas I had lost nearly 3 stone - but have fallen off the wagon this week!!)

to enjoy the preparation and build up to my son's wedding in June

to get ahead with my study for KE312 with the OU - the top-up to a BA in Early Years - so that I can enjoy the wedding preparations

to carry on doing the best I can for my setting

to try to get a better work/life/study balance!!!! so I can be a better wife, mother, daughter and friend.




Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2012!

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