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Hi all


Can I pick your brains? I want to do a listening activity where children listen to a poem then draw a picture inspired by what they heard - but I am struggling to find a short and inspiring poem to appeal to boys and girls - any ideas would be gratefully received! (main objective is listening so poem can be about anything)

thanks x

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I can't help with a poem I'm afraid, but I think it would help to set the 'mood' if you were to select some suitable music to play in the background. I am assuming that you are planning to read your poem to the class, as opposed to it being a recording by an artist e.g. Michael Rosen.


When I did my teacher training in Year 1/2 we did a topic on WW2; the children (as evacuees) had written a letter to their parents at home. I recorded them, individually, reading their letter and in the background I played Dvorak's 'New World' (the old Hovis advert, I think). The children's letter was obviously of prime importance, but what I am trying to say is that the music created such a strong 'mood' and brought tears to the eyes of those who listened to it!


Thinking of Michael Rosen, amongst his hundreds of poems and rhymes, he did a seaside poem about a boy, a girl and a crab (? I think) - you could set that to 'ocean' music. Camille Saint-Saens 'Carnival of the Animals' is a fantastic resource to set a poem to - 'Fossils' would be great with a poem about 'bones' or 'skeletons' while 'The Aquarium' is great for an underwater theme. Search Saint-Saens on Google/You Tube for musical inspiration!


Sorry - I've gone completely off track but hope that helps! :o

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I have just found this site for you ...




You can search the archive by theme. Hope you find it useful.

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I did a similar thing, the children had to draw what they imagined from listening to the Beatles 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. You could have a look at the Puffin book of poems or Poems from when we were very young.

Could you use rhyming books such as the Gruffalo, Room on the Broom or Donaldson's latest one The Highway Rat?


It sounds a lovely activity for independent thought and creativity- I am sure you will have some great results

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When my boys were at nursery, in 'Blue Week' they learned a poem by Sheila Hughes and drew a picture of, 'Blue flowers in a blue jug'. Not so EYFS friendly now but still lots of imagery.


Baby Blues, Navy Blues,

Blue ?, blue shoes,

Blue plate, Blue cup,

Blue flowers in a blue jug


And fluffy White clouds floating by,

In a great big beautiful, bright blue sky.



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