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I have just bought some 'Rainbow Talking Boxes' - the type that lets you recorder your own 10 second message into the box and which plays when opened.

BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!! Thought they looked a good idea for our topic of 'Boxes'.

Has anyone used these boxes and have any good ideas on ways to use them?

Any ideas appreciated!

Thank you


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Not sure I have used exactly the same thing but I have had some little boxes to record a message on, which the children could press to play and listen to, we added boxes/questions to an interactive display which they enjoyed and it certainly caught their imagination, next step would be to record their messages/comments/questions - a bit fiddly?

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We have some of these and have a used them in a few ways.

- putting in an area of the classroom with a challenge on them e.g. can you build....? in Construction Area

- children have created sound effects for role play areas e.g. when we made a rocket they counted 10, 9, 8... into box then used this in their play

- i have recorded reminder for an independent task

- children have used independently to record themselves and their friends (they LOVED this)

I'm sure there's lots of other ideas people will be along with soon!

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We have some of these - but there uses aren't exactly what you asked for!!


Firstly, I lent one to a family whose daughter wouldn't sleep because of the monsters under her bed. I suggested that dad 'roar' into the box and then with his daughter captured the monster. Which was then safely in the box - and the little girl slept well after that!


Another time, we had a child with a slight seperation anxiety, so she decorated a box at home with mum and then mum recorded a message each day and put in a picture or something else which the child brought into pre-school every day for comfort.


Would love to hear other ideas though!!

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