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Sorry lots of questions tonight lol


I am expecting my first child the end of May 2012 :o


Now I am aware I need to inform work by 25 weeks of when I want to take my maternity, What I can't clarify is how long I am entitled too? :S Does it change because I'm term time only? I know if I was full time I could add on holiday entitlement etc but this is an on going issue (currently trying to get clarification on holiday entitlement) but I'm just so confused.


Can anyone clarify what my entitlement is please?

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you are entitled to 12 months mat leave 9 months i.e. 39 weeks are paid, if you currently get paid pro rata then your mat pay will be exactly the same . when you are on mat leave you are still classed as an employee and are entitled to all of your holiday pay.


my baby was born last may and i'm still on mat leave any more questions feel free i felt very confused myself at the time :)

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www.foundationyears.org.uk is a fantastic new website which will give you all the links you need re maternity click on the parent section. It's great for nursery practitioners too.

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