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I know this will probably make me sound silly but how do i add the points at the end of each area. Do they get a point for each one they achieve?


Also has anyone got a document of matching the Profile scores to the NC? My head keeps asking about it and i want to know what i'm talking about!


Thanks :)

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hi buttonmoon

first of all each point is 1.

2nd. Birmingham Advisory service have published a document called 'Making Links' and it shows that links between ELG s and NC levels

You can get it through BASS Publications, Martineau Centre, Balden Road, Harborne, Birmingham.

Sorry I haven't got the phone number to hand but if you phone directory enquiries they should be able to give you it.

Hope this helps

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The making links book is a good boklet for mathcing osme of teh profile statements to the NC, but it deosnt actually match the scores to any parrticular level for target setting (which i presume Botton moon, is what you may want them for).

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