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Car Park Resolution/outdoor Play Area

Guest terrydoo73

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Guest terrydoo73

We currently have a small outdoor play area which has been ruled out for using with rideons basically because of its size and risk to children and also it is on a slope which is much more of the risk if you understand what I mean! So we have looked at our lovely new tarmac car park just beyond the outdoor play area. The only solution to having an area for ride-ons is to go across the car park rather than up and down to avoid this slope problem. This is a massive area - we reckon about 10 - 15 feet in length which would provide massive area to avoid any knocks etc for children. However our Early Years Registration will not pass it without an easy pack up and put away solution to zoning it off so children don't escape! I have looked at the possibility of expandable screens on legs but it would take us about 12 to have it the way we have been told and would be an absolute nightmare to set up every day and put away not counting the cost. These are flimsy and obviously not a solution. Any suggestions? I am thinking of just putting this on the back burner is it is definately not a possibility but oh how I would love to be able to use all our new ride-ons we have purchased through a grant this year!

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