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Simple Line Drawings Needed


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have you tried google images and selected the line drawing option on the left hand side? might help! :o


Yes, I have - but nothing seems to 'fit'!

I am doing my first session of write dance tomorrow and I want it to 'flow' - that won't happen if I'm trying to read the book at the same time as teach, so I thought if I re-wrote the words in large font size and included suitable line drawings underneath (then enlarged to A3), I could just have it in front of me on the floor! Simple ... if I could find the line drawings I need!

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sorry ...i thought it was worth asking you never know how IT literate people are...what particular movements are you looking for ?



Children wave their arms in front of them from side to side

Downward movements on one side of the body with knees bent

Downward movements on other side of the body with knees bent

Wrists turned upwards in front of body with open palms

Stand on tiptoes with arms stretched high

Lower arms and bend deeply

Dig like a dog

Spread arms in the air

Arms circling as if embracing a big teddy bear

Shake hands in front of body

... and again, with knees bent.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A VERY tall order I think :o


Actually, as I write this, I am wondering if there are any programs out there for sign language with actions that might fit at least some of the above - any thoughts?

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there are some links on the widget website that are free to download...have you google imaged the word 'stickman' you might find a few there too :o


Finleysmaid - you are a star! Thank you xx xD

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