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Hi everyone,


I am an NQT in Nursery within a school and we have Ofsted looming! I am sooo nervous. I am feeling ok about being observed and them seeing the things that we do in the classroom but I am worried about what they are going to ask me in case I can't answer or I dry up! I don't know what to expect. So my question to everyone has been recently observed is: What will an Ofsted inspector ask me?


Please help - I need my nerves settling.


Thank you in advance,


Sarah. x

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I think each Ofsted team has a different agenda as they enter your school.


Look at issues brought to the fore at the last inspection because they will be first to be looked at I would imagine.


We were inspected about a month ago and the questions related to what they were seeing and lots of questions which seemed to indicate to me that they had not read up about the school and the nursery before arriving.

I spent 30 mins trying to persuade them I was qualified to do my job!

As I am not a teacher they didn't think I should be working in a school run nursery, despite me saying more than once that the school ran the private provision as well as the maintained provision.

It was a nightmare!


Other questions related to our outdoor area.


I don't think there is a set criteria as such. I think what they see or don't see informs their questions!


Good luck x

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As an NQT, you shouldnt have too much responsibility and the Inspector may not even want to interview you.

Look at the last report, what issues were raised? Do they apply to nursery? How have they been addressed? Talk to your mentor and or your HT.

Enjoy what you are doing, try not to worry about Ofsted until you need to and Im sure it will sort itself out.

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The inspectors will have had the raiseonline data set for KS1 and 2, the SEF and any other data/info the HT has shared in their pre inspection discussion. The pre inspection briefing or PIB will be sent to the school clearly outlining the areas that they have got concerns or queries over. This will inform you re the inspectin trail and should be shared by the HT with the staff generally.


They will mostly be in your room observing you and your practice. If they are in your room for a period of time you can ask for feedback but I forget how long that is. Much of the observations will be done witht the HT or other senior staff as they are checking their capacity to make secure judgements too.


Just do what you normally do and do't worry!!



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