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Can anyone advise?

Does Ofsted expect to see student or volunteer helper's time planned for within the daily session? I have a daily staff timetable (three staff); this is colour-coded so that each day a member of staff is allocated to oversee:


outdoor play

indoor play and snack

observe key children


However, I do not 'include' my student on the timetable (nor is she included in the staff/child ratio) :o . My reasoning here is that I like to have someone who can 'float' - also, she is not in every day and there are times when she cannot get in for one reason or another.


Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated! xD

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I think as with so much else it will depend on your inspector. The inspector we had certainly wasn't bothered as I dont list where my staff are and wouldn't list my volunteers/students either. It all depends on what the day and children bring.

really I suppose it's up to you

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They will expect to see anyone in your classroom deployed to best use, in my experience and will not necessarily be interested in their actual status ie student.


So, provided the student is given a specific task Ofsted would be happy? And I would not be expected to have the 'task' written into the planning?

Thanks for your reply Susan!

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