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Year 1 - Continuous Provision


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Hey everyone!!


I moved backed to year 1 in September after a 4 year break during which time I was in nursery and year 2.


This time around I really wanted to improve my year 1 practice especially since my EYFS experience.


I have tried to implement continuous provision in that I have a writing area, maths, role play,ICT, construction etc.


My children are quite good at independent learning and I feel that I am holding them back in taking their independent learning forward as I am still learning CP in year 1!!!


How are people managing setting tasks for children to do while in the areas to prompt their own learning? How do you plan for this? Do you use planning similar to CP planning from EYFS? How / where do you keep examples of child initiated learning?


How is CP going generally in year 1??? I know we are quite behind the times in only just starting this in year 1!!! Would really appreciate some help / advice??



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