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well despite working in nurseries for 12 years my mind has gone blank as to what fun activities to provide the pre-school children (aged 2.5 up).

I am now working in a new nursery and it is only now that the numbers are high enough that the pre-school chldren get to spend some time in the pre-school room. It was my first day today and the nursery seems lovely (ofsted inspected today too!, talk about an initiation). the girl that has been working mostly with the pre-school children wants to make some changes - she wants to re-organise the room- which it could do with doing and establish a routine, which i agree is needed.

I am aware though that we should be doing things like letters and sounds etc,.... can you pre-school people give me an overview of your day and the activities you may do to engage and interest the children.





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lots of looks and no reply... think this is a bit of an open ended question...


we had self selection .. as much as possible so they had free play most of the time..easy access to a wide range of resources depending on the area we had them in... some were table top, others floor, tended to have lots of floor space free so they could do the puzzles on the floor if they wanted, or we had some children who loved to draw lying on the floor too... we could progress this to tables but if it was a way to get them interested we went with it.


any activities came from an observation of something a child was interested in and we extended them.. if no particular interest we then included a book/story and extended it in to activities and play.


With a snack bar , we had an activity during the free play which they came to if they wanted... we thought about things led by an adult like cooking once a week, a game , songs and stories, occasionally a group modelling or wall picture, a role play, something along a mini theme like senses ...


If you think about it you will come up with what you need... what I always had to remember and tell staff to remember was just because you have done it many times, and don't see it as exciting or different the children will often not have encountered it before and it will be to them.. start small and let it develop using their input.


our routine was simple.. free play including snack bar and activity, tidy, story, songs , outdoor play... we had no free flow but did have a garden, just not attached.

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We have a 3 hour session which starts with free flow in and out and includes snack bar. At about mid morning we all come together in the playroom for focus group time with the keyworkers for 15 minutes and then free flow continues until quarter of an hour before the end of session when we stop for group story or singing. this routine was establihsed with a lot of trial and error and works for this particular cohort but could well change next year or even next week if we feel it is beneficial, its about finding what works for you and your children

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I agree with the above posts - I seem to change my routine every year, all depends on the children. I have Reception and pre-school together at the moment and our sessions work like this for pre-school: come in, register and focussed activity, free play, songs, snack time, outside play, story. Working at the moment!

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