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Hi all,


I have finally after much debating decided on my research proposal question. I have based it on the importance of adults engaging with children retelling stories using story sacks and props.


Could anyone recommend any books/literature that might be useful? I have found lots already but I feel that you can never have enough references!!!!


Also any links to theory would be great formaking a start with my literature review.





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Hi I think it would be really useful for you to look at 'Talk for Writing' particularly the storytelling/storymaking approach Pi Corbett is the person who advocates this approach. Also look up the storymaking project (International learning and research centre) if you can get their research/planning document you would find lots of info in there.





Story making is slightly different I think to what you are looking at as the pratitioner doesn't necessarily use props to tell the story to begin with, the story is told with actions for the children to join in with and is learned by heart. The children are then given the props themself to retell the story to support the learning of the story.


I'm sure if you do some searching you would see that Pi Corbett talks about it being absolutely essential that children learn the blue prints of stories so that they can then in the future use those blueprints to tell and eventually write their own stories. Using a range of stories to teach new language is also something he talks about.

Hope that helps!



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Hello everyone,

I know this is an old blog but I doing my Foundation Degree in Early years research project in the same subject as this. I was wondering if Sophie123 you could share any good research or literature reviews you have found in the process of completing this course.

If you could get back to me I would be very grateful,


Thankyou :)


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