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What To Include In The Staff Induction Pack?


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Hi there, this is my first post on here, after recent discussions we are trying to develop an induction pack for new staff and we are struggling to decide what to put in it.. We are a small pre-school operating morning sessions, we have a mature staff team and staff changes don't happen very often but we feel it would be good to have something official in place!! Can anyone offer any suggestions please??

Thanks in advance

Karen :o

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Welcome to the forum!


I would think about what you would want to know if you were starting a new job, and then start from there.




job role

complaint procedure

child protection

accident at work

facebook rules / confidentiality

mobile phones in the workplace

hours and break


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Thanks guys, pretty much what i thought but there are so many things classed as "good practice" i wasn't sure what to use and a lot of them aren't relevant because we just run a morning session if that makes sense :o

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One piece of advice I would give is to go through each day and talk yourself through it - what do you do, how do you do it, who does it & if they aren't there who else? And then think about the special times at the end of terms and holidays. Also the silly things we all take for granted - what happens for your birthday - cakes, no cakes - what happens if your birthday falls right in the middle of the Christmas holidays, then Christmas itself - do you all give each other cards, presents, go out for a meal etc.. I only say this as when I started working in a school where there had been no one new since ... everyone assumed that just because I had done supply that I knew about end of term arrangements, playground duties, first aid, that no one sent each other christmas cards although you gave one to the Head, TAs had about £20 spent on them for Christmas and end of year present (out of our own pockets). I gave up counting how many questions I asked during the first term and even after 2 years was still asking - although I used to turn to one colleague and and give a quizzical look & she'd give me the 'I'll fill you in later' look back!


The worst thing that no one ever told me was about Friday cakes - it was my playtime duty and I always missed out until it was my non contact time rescheduled one day... My TA didn't know I didn't know otherwise she would have brought me one down - she thought I was being incredibly good! :o

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