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I have got that information - but - the results for the profile are end of year for reception- any children we have at the cc will not get these results until 2 years time. I am tracking some children who were accessing services with us but how can we claim any differences in attainment when they have had nursery and then reception class input?

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Yes I know it can get tricky cant it when you are looking at something done 2 years ago.


If you have 3 years worth of FSP data for the reach area, are you noticing any trends developing for your area. So for example, boys LCT may come up as an area where children are not doing as well.


You may decide that boys LCT is a focus, and this would feed through all of your stay and plays etc, from what you do in them, to encouraging parents to talk to them, maybe ECAT, top tips for talk, ec etc. This would show how you are responding to the trend data.


Then, you can also monitor children who have attended sessions as they move onto pre schools or nurseries. Is there any information from your reach area provision that suggests children's starting points in LCT are moving upwards. You can follow this onto reception to..for the following year..are there higher starting points? The other thing to remember is that we know that early input makes the difference later on. It is these conversations with pre school and the reception teacher which give you that picture. Its a bit like being a nursery teacher and knowing what you do makes a difference but KS1 thinking that children doing well in year 2 is all down to them! And likewise in year 6..sometimes people can forget the years that go before.


Lastly, you can use case studies. Ask parents themselves what difference they have noticed since their children attended the sessions. Whether or not they now sing or do other activities at home for example.




Im sure there are other ideas out there too.


Mundia x

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